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Kiya Safai

Kiya Safai is a businessman, innovator, philanthropist, and the founder and chairman of the Foundation in Human Potential. The creation of the Foundation in Human Potential caps his more than two decades of assistance to nonprofit organizations as board member and volunteer. It furthers his personal drive to apply sound business practices in marketing and training to help grassroots organizations improve the lives of the disadvantaged and the youth.


Safai is an entrepreneur with a focus on improving lives and serving communities.  He has served on the boards of directors and committees of the Central Ohio Arthritis Foundation, Maryland Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, American Lung Association Maryland Chapter, Diabetes Association, Lower Shore Enterprises, Children’s Theatre of Delmarva, and Eastern Shore Children’s Science Museum. He also served as the chairman of the Eastern Shore Business Leadership Network, a recipient of a U.S. Department of Labor award recognizing innovation and collaboration in advancing the employment of individuals with disabilities. With each, he has been a catalyst, furthering the work of others, building networks of supporters, refining and broadcasting their goals; developing programs, and building solid foundations for growth of the organizations.

Kiya has a Bachelor of Science Degree in aerospace Engineering.

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