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"Class was very informative.  Should be incorporated in training every year."
-Deputy Marshal - U.S. Marshals Service

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Walk a Mile in My Shoes
Police - Community Interaction from different perspectives!
September 11th, 2021
San Antonio, Texas


"This training is excellent! Every officer should have this class!"
Trainer - County Police Department
"Helpful info that should be a part of every officers training!"

Sergeant - Metropolitan Police Dept.

"Very effective training. I learned a lot and believe this training will help me on the job"

Officer - Metropolitan Police Dept.

"Found CIT training very applicable to all LEOs and support staff that may encounter these consumers...Executive Staff through Academy Cadets."

Supervisor - DHS-ICE

"Excellent! A must have for every first responder!"

Emergency Medical Technician

"This was a great reminder of how police need help..."

Civilian Observer

"Great Training. The Presenters were amazing"

Social Worker


Winners Circle Tactical Solutions responds to the needs of Law Enforcement and of the Community at a time when the tensions have reached dangerous levels and the gap between the two are farthest than ever.

WCTS is a Training and Educational Center for law enforcement and criminal justice professionals, utilizing state-of-the-art technology-based simulation training platforms in conjunction with internationally recognized curriculum; addressing the most critical needs of today’s law enforcement agencies – Community Policing, Crisis Intervention Training & Non-Weapon De-escalation, and Cultural Competency.  In addition to highly enhanced Tactical programs such as Active Shooter Response, Tac-Med, Force-on-Force; the above mentioned community-based policing techniques are a TIMELY response to our National needs.

WCTS facilities the development of a well trained police force that ensures personal safety and emotional well being of their officers; promotes pride among the ranks being the best trained and mentally equipped force; maintains security and safety of the members of the community while building trust and mutual respect; and builds stronger communities through partnerships with other community serving organizations.



Winners Circle Tactical Solutions


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